New Light Painting Application version

There we are again with a whole bunch of new features for you to play with!

We waited alot until we had it working fast in a G1 (HTC Magic) phone.

Here are some release notes for 2.9b denoting changes from the last version (1.3.x):

  • New 3d extruded text feature (as far as we know, not much about this on Android devices)
  • New 2d Brushes and improved performance
  • New tab pannel using Greendroid [official]
  • Bugfix loading fonts from SD card in some devices
  • Bugfix, IllegalThreadState when clickin' too fast in brush mode
  • Code clean out, refactors for easy development and maintenance
  • Code APIs separation and factory set.
So, there you are, go and download or update!

5 comentarios:

  1. Thank you guys for this great app! Please, make it App2SD compatible, my phone needs every byte of memory.

  2. Sure, anytime soon will be there!
    Thanks for using. We'd love to see your artworks!!

  3. Can't find it on android market. Help :(