New Light Painting Application version

There we are again with a whole bunch of new features for you to play with!

We waited alot until we had it working fast in a G1 (HTC Magic) phone.

Here are some release notes for 2.9b denoting changes from the last version (1.3.x):

  • New 3d extruded text feature (as far as we know, not much about this on Android devices)
  • New 2d Brushes and improved performance
  • New tab pannel using Greendroid [official]
  • Bugfix loading fonts from SD card in some devices
  • Bugfix, IllegalThreadState when clickin' too fast in brush mode
  • Code clean out, refactors for easy development and maintenance
  • Code APIs separation and factory set.
So, there you are, go and download or update!

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