Let´s kick off the Beta testing for our brand new Games Board application!!

Dear all:

In the last months we´ve been pushing our game development and we want to test the new Games Board appication.

It is a hub for board games where you can play with your friends. We´re trying to setup a Beta environment (minefield environment) for all of you who want to have the very first view of current and new features to the application.

Currently it is completelly usable but will fail, of course, we´re working on it. All data may be deleted eventually and we´re still missing some supposed to be features such as autologin from Google Play Games and such. You´ve got to register to play.

Let´s suppose that each friday, unless everything goes right that week, the game database will be deleted.

There´re two ways of connecting to the participation groups: One is google groups and the other one is plus communities. For google groups, please join this one: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/gamesboardbetatesting

and for google plus community, you should request access by mail to pigdroid+gamesboardbeta@gmail.com with gamesboardbetarequest as the subject.

Thanks a lot. Soon more to see.

Let´s play!!

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